MPI Publishes Chinese-Portuguese Teaching Materials to Promote Disciplinary Development
Macao Polytechnic University
2021-03-17 19:27
  • Introdução à Interpretação Chinês-Português

  • Literatura, Arte e Sociedade em Portugal: da Modernidade à Contemporaneidade

  • Terminologia de Interpretação (Chinês-Português/Português-Chinês): Medicina Tradicional

  • Martírios e Massacres: Fazer da Morte uma Vitória

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To contribute to Macao’s success in becoming the training base for Chinese-Portuguese bilingual talents, the teaching team of the School of Languages and Translation (ESLT) of the Macao Polytechnic Institute (MPI) has published five Chinese-Portuguese interpretation and translation textbooks, covering topics such as translation theory and practice, literature and Chinese traditional medicine. The Chinese-Portuguese translation discipline has witnessed remarkable developments in recent years, but teaching materials in the local context have not been catching up. These publications are valuable teaching materials which have just now filled the gaps in the fields of Chinese-Portuguese translation studies and Chinese-Portuguese translation skills.

ESLT, with its long history and teaching excellence, has always been the centre and benchmark of Chinese-Portuguese translation training in Greater China. This new series of textbooks has greatly enriched the teaching resources of the Chinese-Portuguese translation programme, which is one of the characteristic disciplines in MPI. The publications further help to expand the breadth and the depth of the disciplinary development, and thus promote the Chinese-Portuguese language and translation teaching in MPI and in Macao to a higher level. The five publications are: Introdução à Interpretação Chinês-Português; Crítica de Tradução; Literatura, Arte e Sociedade em Portugal: da Modernidade à Contemporaneidade; Terminologia de Interpretação (Chinês-Português/Português-Chinês): Medicina Tradicional; Martírios e Massacres: Fazer da Morte uma Vitória.

  1. Introdução à Interpretação Chinês-Português: Co-authored by the Director of ESLT Han Lili and Associate Professor Wang Yuying, the book introduces the basic concepts and training methods of Chinese-Portuguese interpretation. This is the first textbook of its kind in this field, and is of great reference value to the teaching of Chinese-Portuguese interpretation. The main target readers are bachelor and master’s students in the field of Chinese-Portuguese translation.
  2. Crítica de Tradução: Authored by the Director of ESLT Han Lili and Professor Jiang Xiaohua, the book is a translation theory guide book targeting the bachelor and master’s students of Chinese-Portuguese translation. It focuses on the theoretical system of translation, practical cases and translation criticism, which has important reference value for translation teaching and research.
  3. Literatura, Arte e Sociedade em Portugal: da Modernidade à Contemporaneidade: Authored by Associate Professor Ana Maria Simão Saldanha, the book introduces the development of the history, sociology and literature in Portugal, serving as a guide to the study of Portuguese literature.
  4. Terminologia de Interpretação (Chinês-Português/Português-Chinês): Medicina Tradicional: Authored by Lecturer Sun Yuqi, the compendium provides a glossary of Chinese traditional medicine in Chinese-Portuguese translation.  It fills the gaps in the lack of bilingual professional vocabulary books in such context. It is suitable for Chinese-Portuguese translation courses, particularly for master’s programme.
  5. Martírios e Massacres: Fazer da Morte uma Vitória: Co-edited by Lecturer Maria Cristina Trindade Guerreiro Osswald and Professor José Eduardo Franco of the Universidade Aberta (Portugal), the 18 articles written by 19 scholars describe the sacrifice made by front-line personnel and their courage in the face of death in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. This provides useful teaching materials that are based on current events.

Four of the five publication projects have been published, and the Crítica de Tradução is due to be published in mid-2021. These five publication projects received the “Earmarked Funding for Chinese-Portuguese Talent Training and Teaching Research Cooperation in Macao Universities”, which was provided by the Higher Education Fund. The respective project codes are as follows: CP-IPM-2020-01, CP-IPM-2020-02, CP-IPM-2020-03, CP-IPM-2020-04, CP-IPM-2020-05.

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