Collecting and processing non-personal information

When a visitor browses or downloads information from this website, the system will automatically record the following information: domain name, IP address, date and time the browsing session begins, pages visited, as well as the domain name of the source website, from which a link was followed to this website.
This information is collected with the aim of improving accessibility to the website, for greater convenience of users in future. No investigation will be launched against users based on the information collected, unless their visits indicate connections to malicious attacks experienced by this website.
The system's “cookies” functions may record users' online activities, when using electronic service(s) provided by this website, in order to remember users’preferred ways of using services from this website. If the cookies detection feature is activated in the browser, there will be a warning message whenever a cookie is saved.

Collection and processing personal information

Personal data may be required if users request some e-services from this website, and will depend on the services requested. Only with users' consent may their personal information be transferred to other public departments that are responsible for the services. This website will not disclose users’ personal data to non-government entities, except through Government-authorised arrangements – and with permission from the users, and with the non-government entities required to follow this Privacy Statement throughout the entire process.
For greater convenience of users, once they have submitted information to apply for some e-services, this information may again appear when they re-apply for services, in order to save the time required to fill in the same information again. This also helps the authorities keep the information up-to-date. You can change the information if any items (e.g. telephone number) are not up-to-date.
When you send an e-mail to a Government agency or choose to apply for a service from this website via an e-mail, please be advised not to provide personal data – especially ID card number and address, unless specifically required.

Hyperlinks to external websites

This website may share links to other websites run by other public departments of the Government of the Macao SAR, governments of other jurisdictions, overseas public organisations, or by local or overseas non-local private entities. Clicking a hyperlink and visiting another websites means a user has left this website. Since the privacy policies of those websites may differ from this website, GCS is not responsible for their content and privacy policies. Please be advised to check privacy statements on external websites.

Changes to this Statement

This Privacy Statement will be updated without prior notice, but a revision date will displayed.
(Last Update: 2018-10-05)
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