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 State Council confirms Macao’s maritime boundary 

2015-12-20 20:16:00

Source : Government Information Bureau

The State Council today released an updated map of administrative divisions for the Macao Special Administrative Region (SAR). It includes 85 square kilometres of water to the east and south of the Macao SAR.

The details are contained in today’s Decree No. 665 of the State Council. The new map comes into force today, while the old map, which was issued in 1999, is revoked.

According to the new map, the Macao SAR also takes on administrative responsibility for an area of land where the Border Gate with Zhuhai is located, and a section of Canal dos Patos.

Maritime zones of the Macao SAR under the new map include: the Inner Harbour; the Cotai channel; the sea areas to the south, east and north of the Macao SAR; and the water around a piece of land reclaimed for urban use and known as Zone A.

The Macao SAR Gazette issued today Chief Executive Notice No. 128 featuring the official Chinese and Portuguese versions of the Decree of the State Council and the new administrative map of the Macao SAR.

* Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macao, the English version of the web site is the translation from the Chinese originals and is provided for reference only.

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