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 Cultural facilities under Cultural Affairs Bureau will be closed for inspection 

2018-09-16 17:55:00

Source : Cultural Affairs Bureau

Due to the influence of typhoon “Mangkhut”, the cultural facilities of the Cultural Affairs Bureau, including heritage sites, public libraries, museums and exhibition halls, among others, will be closed for inspection and clearing up on 17 and 18 September, in order to ensure the public’s safety. Reopening dates of the abovementioned venues and cultural facilities will be announced later after evaluation.

Furthermore, the selection interview for the statistical area of the external examination for the 1st stage, 2nd class Senior Technician (Evaluation stage of professional skills) (reference no: 001-2016-TS-01) scheduled for tomorrow (17 September) will be postponed. More information will be announced later.

The applications for 2019 “Financial Support for Local Association Activities/Cutlural Projects Programme”, “Talent Training Programme in Arts Management” and “Community Arts Projects Support Programme” will also be postponed. The online application will be available until 28 September, while submission in person with original copy will remain open until 29 September.

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