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 Macao boundary crossing area of HKZM Bridge not yet open to public 

2018-03-15 20:18:00

Source : Government Information Bureau

The opening to the public of the Macao boundary crossing area of the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao (HKZM) Bridge is dependent on the launch of the Bridge.

The Government has initiated immediately preparatory work on the boundary crossing area, in order better to assist in the process leading to the launch of the Bridge, a structure which spans a portion of the Pearl River Delta.

Operation of the infrastructure at the Macao boundary crossing area – and formulation of policy regarding general public access to the area – are respectively being coordinated by the Secretary for Transport and Public Works. The Secretary for Security is responsible for the coordination of work relating to law enforcement and general management of the area.

The Government’s effort also involves setting up a mechanism for coordination between the bodies responsible for managing the Bridge and the Macao public departments responsible for managing the boundary crossing facilities.

The State Council has confirmed Macao’s jurisdictional responsibility regarding the Macao boundary crossing area. Macao’s oversight for the area was effective after the stroke of midnight today (Thursday).

In order to fulfil Macao’s duties in this regard, Government departments have started installation of necessary equipment, and are performing testing and trial runs of the boundary crossing area’s facilities.

The timing of the launch of transportation services and associated transportation facilities for the Bridge is also dependent on completion of preparatory works for the Macao boundary crossing area, as well as on the schedule for launching the Bridge itself.

The Government is to provide more information – via all appropriate channels and in a timely manner – to members of the public interested in using the cross-delta link.

* Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macao, the English version of the web site is the translation from the Chinese originals and is provided for reference only.

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