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 Preliminary results of Legislative Assembly elections 

2017-09-18 04:03:00

Source : Government Information Bureau

The Electoral Affairs Committee for the Legislative Assembly Election announced the following preliminary results of the direct and indirect elections for the sixth Legislative Assembly early today, shortly after the completion of the vote count finished at 2:18am:

Direct Election:

1      Nova Ideais de Macau (New Ideals of Macau): 199

2      União Promotora para o Progresso (Progress Promotion Union): 12333

3      Associação de Próspero Macau Democrático (Democratic Prosperous Macau Association): 10079

4      Observatório Cívico (Civic Watch): 9590

5     Cor de Rosa Amar a População (Pink Loves the Population) – withdrawn

6      Nova Esperança (New Hope): 14383

7      Associação do Novo Progresso de Macau (New Macau Progressives): 9212

8      Associação dos Cidadãos para o Desenvolvimento de Macau (Macau Citizens’ Development Association): 10099

9      Associação dos Cidadãos Unidos de Macau (Macau United Citizens' Association): 14877

10    Poderes do Pensamento Político (Power of Political Thought): 672

11   Aliança de Bom Lar (Alliance for a Happy Home): 9494

12   Poder dos Cidadãos (Citizens’ Power): 1305

13    Associação de Novo Movimento Democrático (New Democratic Macau Association): 11380

14   Nova União para Desenvolvimento de Macau (New Macau Development Union): 10447

15   Poder da Sinergia (Synergy Power): 7162

16   União para o Desenvolvimento (Union for Development): 16694

17   Ou Mun Kong I (Macao Righteousness): 392

18   Aliança Pr’a Mudança (Alliance for Change): 8183

19    Associação dos Cidadãos Unidos para a Construção de Macau (United Citizens for Building Macau Association): 904

20    União de Macau-Guangdong (Macau-Guangdong Union): 17207

21    A Aurora dos Trabalhadores de Nível Básico (The Aurora of Grassroots): 823

22    Ajuda Mútua Grassroots (Mutual Help Grassroots): 1350

23    Início Democrática (Association of Macau Activism for Democracy): 279

24    União dos Promitentes-Compradores do "Pearl Horizon" para Defesa dos Direitos (Pearl Horizon Buyers’ Rights Defence Union): 2399

25    Linha de Frente dos Trabalhadores de Casinos (Front Line of Casino Workers): 3126

Indirect Election:

Industrial, Commercial and Financial Sector – União dos Interesses Empresariais de Macau (Macau Union of Employers’ Interests): 781

Labour Sector – Comissão Conjunta da Candidatura das Associações de Empregados (Federation of Employees’ Associations): 1012

Professional Sector – União dos Interesses de Medicina de Macau       (Macau Union of Medical Professional Interests): 205; União dos Interesses Profissionais de Macau (Macau Union of Professional Interests): 341

Social Services and Educational Sector – Associação de Promoção do Serviço Social e Educação (Association for Promotion of Social Services and Education): 1559

Culture and Sport Sector – Associação União Cultural e Desportiva Excelente (Excellent Culture and Sport Union):1499

The Chairman of the Electoral Affairs Committee for the Legislative Assembly Election, Mr Tong Hio Fong, said at a press conference following the poll that there were 174872 ballots cast for the direct election, representing a voter turnout of 57.22 percent.

For the indirect election, a total of 5587 people had voted, representing a 91.67 percent voter turnout.

The Legislative Assembly is the sole legislature in the Macao Special Administrative Region. The sixth Legislative Assembly – to be formed as a result of Sunday’s election – will comprise 33 members, 14 of whom are elected directly, 12 indirectly and seven appointed by the Chief Executive.

There were 25 election teams with a total of 192 candidates running for 14 seats available via direct election. One team and six candidates eventually withdrew from the direct election.

For the indirect election, there were six teams, with an aggregate of 15 candidates from five sectors, contesting the 12 available seats.

The Chief Executive, Mr Chui Sai On, is to appoint the other seven members of the Legislative Assembly within 15 days of the final election results being published by the General Audit Committee of the Legislative Assembly Election.

* Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macao, the English version of the web site is the translation from the Chinese originals and is provided for reference only.

The Electoral Affairs Commission for the Legislative Assembly Election announces the preliminary results of the Legislative Assembly elections.

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