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 Grace period for the Exchange of the Zodiac Banknotes 

2015-11-19 17:19:00

Source : Monetary Authority of Macao

As scheduled, the exchange period of the four previously issued Zodiac Banknotes (including the Dragon, Snake, Horse and Goat Zodiac Banknotes) will end on 20 November 2015 (Friday). In consideration for convenience to the public, a grace period has been set up this year from 23 November (Monday) to 27 November (Friday) 2015. Registrants who have not yet conducted the note exchange are advised to exchange for their subscribed notes during business hours at their previously selected location within the grace period.

In respect of the terms and requirements concerning note exchange and the exchange conducted by authorized representatives, please browse the webpage of AMCM ( or call our hotline (Tel: 2856 5071 / 2856 5072) for enquiry.

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