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 Decorations, Medals and Certificates of Merit List for 2014 

2014-11-30 21:00:00

Source : Government Information Bureau

The Government has announced today the recipients of Decorations, Medal and Certificates of Merit to 50 individuals and organisations in recognition of their achievements, outstanding contributions and distinguished services to the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR). The announcement was made in accordance with the nominations of the Committee of Nomination of Medals and Honorary Titles.

The awards are Decorations of Honour, including the Decoration of Honour - Grand Lotus, the Decoration of Honour - Golden Lotus and the Decoration of Honour - Silver Lotus, are awarded to individuals or entities that have made outstanding contributions to the image and reputation of the MSAR.

The recipients are:

Decoration of Honour - Golden Lotus

Vitor Ng

Decoration of Honour - Silver Lotus

Chio Ngan Ieng

Seven types of Medals of Merit are awarded for: 1. Professions; 2. Industry and Commerce; 3. Tourism; 4. Education; 5. Culture; 6. Philanthropy; and 7. Sport. Each of these categories is awarded to individuals or entities that have make major or excellent contributions in their respective fields.

The recipients are:

Medal of Merit – Professions

Liu Chung Laung

João Augusto da Rosa

Mário Alberto de Brito Lima Évora

Medal of Merit – Industry and Commerce

Ung Choi Kun

Ip Kai Ming

Un Chong San

Kevin Ho King Lun

Medal of Merit – Tourism

Air Macau Co, Ltd.

Hoi Man Pak

Lao Nga Wong

Future Bright Holdings Limited

Medal of Merit – Education

Tse Chi Wai

Vu Hon In

Hoi Soi Kuai

Tam Wai Chan

Medal of Merit – Culture

Teledifusão de Macau, S.A. (TDM)

Lao Hua

Ricardo Jorge Fonseca de Almeida Pinto

Lio Kuok Man

Medal of Merit – Philanthropy

Medical team of General Medicine Division and Day Hospital of the Conde S. Januario Hospital of the Health Bureau

Arlene Trant

Maria Isabel Gomes dos Santos Marreiros

Medal of Merit – Sport

Pun Keng Man

Sam Kei

Medals for Distinguished Services are awarded to public entities, organisations or their staffs for outstanding performance of their duties or community service.

The recipients are:

Medal for Distinguished Service - Medal for Bravery

Drug Criminal Cases Investigation Division of the Judiciary Police

Rescuers of Operations and Ambulance Division of the Fire Services Bureau

Medal for Distinguished Service - Medal for Dedication

José Chu

Chan Wai Pan

Fong Iek Seng

Au Ning Kin

Leong Kok Kin

Medal for Distinguished Service - Medal for Community Service

Lam Sut Peng

Chan Sun Tao

Pau Soi Ieng

Certificates of Merit including the Honorific Title - Prestige and the Honorific Title – Merit, commend Macao SAR residents or others who have made major contribution to the reputation, development or social progress of the Macao SAR.

The recipients are:

Honorific Title - Prestige

Li Pak Ho

Honorific Title - Merit

Choi Sut Ian

Chao Man Hou

Macau Diving Team

Li Yi

Huang Junhua

Cheung Pui Si

Paula Cristina Pereira Carion

Liu Qing

Wang Junnan

Chan Ian Weng

Lo Kin Ian

Cheong Wai Hang

Chao Koi Wang

The award ceremony for the recipients will be held in the mid of December.

* Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macao, the English version of the web site is the translation from the Chinese originals and is provided for reference only.

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