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 Registration and Exchange of Horse and Goat Zodiac Banknotes 

2014-06-05 18:32:00

Source : Monetary Authority of Macao

To facilitate simplification of procedural flow and for the public’s convenience, the online registration and exchange process of the Horse and Goat Zodiac Banknotes for the two Issuing Banks will be conducted jointly. For those who are interested to exchange for such banknotes (only limited to valid Macao permanent and non-permanent identity card holders), they can log onto the joint registration system of the two Issuing Banks via the webpage of the Monetary Authority of Macao ( to conduct a one-time online registration within the registration period from 9:00 am on 16 June until 6:00 pm on 11 July 2014. Each Macao resident can only conduct a single registration, but it will simultaneously cover the exchange for both Horse and Goat banknotes of the two Issuing Banks.

Each Macao resident can proceed with the exchange for 30 pieces of Horse and 30 pieces of Goat Banknotes of each Issuing Bank, namely 60 pieces of Horse and Goat Banknotes respectively from the two Issuing Banks in total after completing the online registration. The quantity has been predetermined and cannot be altered. Registrants are required to conduct the exchange for the two types of Zodiac Banknotes in one go, with no provision for separate exchange for only one type of note. While registrants should retain their registration records, they can also log onto the online registration system for inquiry of their confirmed registration details.

Starting from 6 October 2014 till 31 December 2014, all participating banks will provide note exchange service to registrants during their business hours. Apart from the two Issuing Banks, other locations available for exchange include the selected branches of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (Macau) Limited, Tai Fung Bank Limited, Weng Hang Bank Limited, Luso International Banking Limited, Banco Comercial de Macau, China Construction Bank Macau Branch and China Guangfa Bank Macau Branch. Under the new arrangement, the exchange for the Horse and Goat banknotes of the two Issuing banks can be conducted at the chosen location in one go.

Registrants should bring along their valid ID card and can proceed in person to exchange for the notes by cash at the chosen location on the selected day. In respect of the note exchange conducted by authorized representatives, the latter will need to bring along their original ID card and submit the following documents to conduct the note exchange on the selected date and location:

1. Authorization form [downloaded from AMCM’s website] signed by the registrant;

2. Registrant’s ID copy bearing his / her signature;

3. Representative’s ID copy bearing his / her signature.

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