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 Completion of votes counting of the Legislative Assembly Election 2013 

2013-09-23 12:51:00

Source : Government Information Bureau

The General Counting Committee of the Legislative Assembly Election today announced the completion of the general counting of votes.

A total of 151,881 voters cast their votes. The number of valid votes stood at 146,467, while there were 1,083 blank ballots and 4,331 invalid ballots.

The following are the number of votes won by participants on the list in the direct election:

Group 1 Nova União para Desenvolvimento de Macau (New Macau Development Union): 13,089

Group 2 Liberais da Nova Macau (New Macau Liberals): 3,227

Group 3 Associação de Activismo para a Democracia (Association of Macau Activism for Democracy): 923

Group 4 Associação de Promoção de Direitos dos Cidadãos (Citizens' Rights Promotion Association): 848

Group 5 Associação de Novo Macau Democrática (Democratic New Macau Association): 8,827

Group 6 União Para O Desenvolvimento (Union for Development): 11,960

Group 7 Observatório Cívico (Macau Civic Watch): 5,225

Group 8 União de Macau-Guangdong (Macau-Guangdong Union): 16,251

Group 9 Nova Esperança (New Hope): 13,119

Group 10 Associação para Promoção da Democracia, Liberdade, Direitos Humanos e Estado de Direito de Macau (Ideais de Macau) (Democracy, Liberty, Human Rights and Rule of Law Promotion Association of Macau (Macau Dream): 1,006

Group 11 Associação Esforço Juntos para Melhorar a Comunidade (Association of Joint Efforts to Improve the Community): 2,306

Group 12 Aliança Pr’A Mudança (Alliance for Change): 8756*

Group 13 Associação dos Cidadãos Unidos de Macau (Macau United Citizens Association): 26,390

Group 14 União Promotora Para O Progresso (Progress Promotion Union): 15,815

Group 15 Frente do Movimento Operário (Labour Movement Front): 227

Group 16 Supervisão pela Classe Baixa (Grassroots Supervision): 368

Group 17 Aliança da Democracia de Sociedade (Social Democratic Alliance): 179

Group 18 Ações Inovadoras (Breakthrough Action): 1,642

Group 19 Associação de Próspero Macau Democrático (Democratic Prosperous Macau Association): 10,987

Group 20 Cuidados para Macau (Caring for Macau): 5,323

*Statistics showed there is one vote of error in the 28th polling station, but the General Counting Committee of the Legislative Assembly Election has no authority to make any correction.

* Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of Macao, the English version of the web site is the translation from the Chinese originals and is provided for reference only.

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