“2022 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition” Comes to Successful Conclusion
Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum and Exhibition
2022-12-11 20:20
  • The 2022MIECF has arranged a number of matching and meetings

  • The 2022MIECF has offered online business matching

  • The 2022MIECF has provided test drive experience on-site

  • Traders learn about a diversity of eco-friendly products and services through MIECF

  • The “Green Public Day” has attracted a high number of residents

  • Multiple protocols have been signed during the 2022MIECF

  • The 2022MIECF has organised traders to explore stores scattered through communities

  • The 2022MIECF has organised traders to experience the culture and tourism in Macao

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The “2022 Macao International Environmental Co-operation Forum & Exhibition” (2022MIECF), hosted by the Government of the Macao Special Administrative Region, successfully concluded today (11 December). Five themed business matching sessions have been held in the Green Matching Area, including over 250 online and on-site matchings and meetings. During the three-day event, a total of 25 project protocols have been signed.

The special supporting organisations of the 2022MIECF included the National Development and Reform Commission of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People’s Republic of China, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China, and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China. It was co-organised by the provincial and regional governments in the Pan-Pearl River Delta Region and co-ordinated by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and the Environmental Protection Bureau. The theme of the MIECF this year is “Commitment to Green Development, Moving Towards the Dual Carbon Goals”. The 2022MIECF is the first professional exhibition for achieving “carbon neutrality” in Macao.

Gathering over 40 speakers in Green Forum

Chairperson and President of Gree Electric Appliances, Inc. of Zhuhai and the United Nations “Messenger of Sustainable Urban Development” Dong Mingzhu was invited to deliver a keynote speech on “Focusing on Green Development and Achieving Dual Carbon Goals with the Help of Technologies” at the opening ceremony.

The 2022MIECF also set up the Green Forum and the Green Showcase. In the Green Forum, close to 40 experts, scholars, leaders in the environmental protection-related industries, and company executives from Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao were invited to share their experience in green topics including “carbon neutrality”, “green mobility”, “The ‘14th Five-Year’ Environmental Plan”, “energy transition”, and “green finance” and discuss the future of green development.

Over 400 companies participating in Green Showcase

Taking up a total area of 13,000 square metres, the Green Showcase has attracted over 260 on-site and more than 400 online exhibitors from Mainland China, Brazil, Guinea Bissau, Portugal, Spain, Hong Kong, and Macao.

The exhibition involved a wide range of areas, including green mobility, carbon calculation, carbon markets, green finance, innovative green technologies, new materials, resource reuse, and integrated solutions. In line with a series of plastic reduction policies rolled out by the Macao SAR Government, including the law “Restrictions on the Provision of Plastic Bags” and the ban on disposable styrofoam tableware and non-biodegradable, disposable plastic straws and stir sticks as well as knives, forks, and spoons of the kind, the “Eco-Friendly Tableware Zone” was set up this year to display various eco-friendly tableware to provide relevant information and purchase opportunities.

There was also a “Green Mobility Zone” in this year’s MIECF to showcase a number of electric vehicles and electric motorcycles (from over 30 brands), along with associated equipment and technologies, such as charging or battery swapping. Some of the brands released their new products during the event. Test drive of electric motorcycles was also introduced to enable the visitors and the general public to have a clearer understanding of electric vehicles and better align themselves with green mobility and “dual carbon” policies.

The Macao SAR Government has been pro-actively promoting electric vehicles in recent years and improving the charging facilities in recent years. Its efforts include phasing in charging stations in public spaces and implementing the “Plan for Granting Financial Support for the Scrapping of Obsolete Motorcycles and Their Replacement by New Electric Motorcycles” to incentivise vehicle owners to scrap their obsolete electric motorcycles with high pollution and opt for new electric motorcycles and to advance the introduction of more brands and models of electric motorcycles.

The last day of the event was the “Green Public Day”, which attracted a great number of residents to take part in a variety of family activities and performances, engaging the public in green innovations and thus raising their awareness of environmental protection. It was well-received by the participants.

Helping traders take their first step in green business opportunities

According to traders, this combination of the exhibition and forum covered a wide range of topics, which contributed greatly to the popularity of the event. At the same time, the 2022MIECF also focused on “the dual carbon” goals, a current trending topic, by providing a consultation service on “carbon neutrality” and introducing a remote exhibiting service to showcase eco-friendly products from all over the world. These arrangements offered a window for companies to grasp the latest developments in environmental protection and therefore explore potential opportunities in a better-targeted way. Some of the participants had initial intention to co-operate with the exhibitors during the event, which was conducive to enterprises’ green transformation.

Traders who test-drove the electric motorcycles also acknowledged that it enriched their experience during the event by allowing them to experience the “power” of alternative fuel vehicles firsthand.

Joining hands with other events in Macao to leverage “MICE + Tourism” synergy

To further tap into the synergy of “MICE + Tourism”, the 2022MIECF has encouraged traders to explore the stores scattered through communities. Together with other concurrent events in Macao, they were able to experience the culture and tourism in Macao, reinvigorate the community economy, and benefit the growth of different industries.

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To get the latest official news, please subscribe the Government Information Bureau’s Telegram News Channel at https://t.me/macaogcsEN.
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